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Trimmer You Boot Camp

Trimmer you boot camp are one of Europe's largest and longest running companies running residential boot camps and we have now started our exclusive fitness classes. Being in our 3rd year running boot camps we like to think we know a little about helping people find the motivation and determination to kick start their fitness and lead a healthier lifestyle.

TYBC will be setting up venues all over the UK in local parks and leisure centres during 2012. We will be providing you with 1 hour fitness classes at convenient times through out the week and we will be bringing these to you at an unbelievable low rate with packages to suit everyone.

Fed up of getting no where in the gym?

Are you one of many who pay a huge amount of money to attend your local gym and find you are getting no where? Do you really know what is best for you to achieve your goals, are you not getting the support you deserve from your gym instructors? Well at a TYBC fitness session you will get it all:

Experienced Fitness Instructors

What to expect

TYBC only employ current or ex military physical training instructors for the one and only reason, they are the best, but don't let 'military' put you off. Our instructors are there to educate you and motivate you and to bring fun back into fitness, to help you achieve your goals and no matter what gender, shape or size you are, we will do our up most for you to achieve them.

What ever package you choose to take out with us we can assure you that we will mix up every session to keep them varied and fun and to keep you interested and wanting more. All TYBC's instructors are vastly experienced professionals who do this type of training day in and day out so rest assured you are in the best possible hands.

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What are you waiting for ?

For an added incentive, TYBC will offer you one free trial to test the water. Come along for a free 1 hour session with us and decide for yourself whether we are the company for you.